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Weekly Services

Residential Service Plans

We can offer you several different levels of weekly service depending on the needs of your pool and how much you wish to do versus how much you wish us to do. Our basic chemical service is part of each service plan and our full service plan includes just about everything but adding water to the pool. Even that chore can be done with a simple device set up at the edge of your pool.

Chemicals Only
Test for chlorine, ph and total alkalinity. Apply chemicals to maintain and /or correct. Periodically test for stabalizer level and calcium hardness. Chemicals are included.

The chemical service plus the emptying of traps,baskets and sweep bags. 

Full Service The services above plus netting, brushing and vacuuming as needed to remove debris from the pool. Periodic filter cleaning. No labor charges to repair the pool sweep.

Homeowner Orientation

  • Are you a new homeowner with a pool?
  • Not had a pool before? 

A unique service that we offer is called a "Homeowner Orientation"! We will come over and meet you and your pool and spend as much time as you need to fully understand how your pool operates and how to maintain it. How to test the water, apply chemicals, set timeclocks, operate the heater and any other questions you may have.

Commercial Sevice Plans

Our plans for commercial pools and spas are designed for homeowner associations (HOA's), apartment and condo complexes, and other pools and spas for public use. We work with the health departments of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and assure that the commercial pools that we service are in compliance with their requirements.

This important law was passed in December 2007 and required compliance by December 2008. It applies to all public pools and spas. Those not in compliance cannot legally open for public use. We are knowledgeable of the requirements of the Act and can advise what modifications are needed and perform the work needed to reach compliance. 

Not sure if your pool and spa are in compliance? Give us a call and we can schedule an inspection for you. 24/7 Availability When our service customers have problems we are available 24/7. Even during non-business hours if we are in the office we will pick up the phone. If messages are left on our answering machine those messages are reviewed often and calls are returned promptly.

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Why Us

Raising The Standards

Being on a first-name basis with many of the equipment and chemical company sales and technical representatives allows us to bring an extra level of service and expertise to the needs of your pool.